3 Days 3 Nights in Khao Yai - Day 1 Part 2/2

I had previously written about how to go to Khao Yai and PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. Feel free to read into those if you did not have the chance to do so! 🙂

Now, let's us continue on with the tour! For the second stop, we went to the Yellow Submarine!


Stop 2 - Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank

Are you thinking about a yellow submarine? Initially, my mum thought that we were going to see a yellow submarine, but she was so wrong! Yellow Submarine is a cafe situated in Khao Yai! The cafe was surrounded with greens, and the cafe adopts a rustic style in the interior. It has a lovely contrast; it like a fusion between nature and the modern world. It's a perfect spot to take your OOTDs! We did see a lady taking her photos from the main entrance and various corners of the cafe.

Of course, one has to order a yummy toast in a cafe in Thailand! I ordered the Black Honey Toast and Iced Thai Tea with Hokkaido Milk. My family is not a fan of dessert, so that's all we ordered.

Thai Ice Tea with Hokkaido Milk

Thai Ice Tea with Hokkaido Milk

First, let's talked about the Iced Thai Tea with Hokkaido Milk. This has to be one of the best Thai Tea I had during the trip. It was not too sweet for my liking! Iced Thai Tea usually is very sweet because condensed milk is added. Instead of using condensed milk, Hokkaido Milk was used. The tea blended well with the milk. The overall taste was not too sweet, and it was still smooth. Moreover, the server presented the tea and the milk separately; thus you could customise your own drink! I added in the entire bottle of the milk, and it did not overpower the fragrance of the tea.

Black Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice-cream!

Black Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice-cream!

Next, the Black Honey Toast! The toast was actually charcoal bread. It was toasted to perfection. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It was still hot, so the vanilla ice-cream and the warm toasted went very well together. Even without the ice-cream, the toast went well with and without the honey. Personally, I like this. It's a tasty dessert. It wasn't too sweet or buttery like the toasts by After You.

I am missing these 2 dishes while writing about them. Damn... someone brings me back here!

Look at it smiled for the camera!

Look at it smiled for the camera!

Anyway, there is an adorable dog in this cafe. When we reached the cafe, the dog came out and peeped at us at the entrance. Then, it went back to rest in the restaurant. When we were returning back to our car, he walked us out. He even decided to join in to take a photo with me. The dog was like a friendly service crew too!

Stop 3 – Phuwanalee Resort

Then, we went to check in to our resort at Phuwanalee Resort. I would leave the review of this hotel for the next post. So, stay tuned!


Stop 4 - Krua Khao Yai Restaurant

After a short break at our hotel, we decided to go for dinner. As we are feeling slightly tired, we decided to go somewhere nearby for dinner. We went to Krua Khao Yai Restaurant, and the first thing we did was to order one coconut for each of us. There was a promotion that day. We bought 4 coconuts and got 1 free. We ordered a scrambled egg, fried fish, broccoli, shrimp cake and more. I didn’t eat much as I don’t usually eat dinner. However, I would say that the dinner was pretty average. It was not bad, but it wasn’t great as well.

5 coconuts for 4 people! Well… I took 2.

5 coconuts for 4 people! Well… I took 2.

This dish was pretty good! I can have this all for myself.

This dish was pretty good! I can have this all for myself.

After dinner, we went back to the resort to chill. That’s the end of day 1 in Khao Night! It’s a pretty short day.

x, Esther

A guide to finding Public Toilets

This inspired me to write a post on a guide to finding public toilets.

Screen shot of a conversation with my friend who was overseas.

Screen shot of a conversation with my friend who was overseas.

It's not embarrassing to talk about nature calls. It's an everyday issue whereby every one of us has to go through. However, when you are overseas or in an unknown space, it is of good sense to know where are the public toilets. This knowledge is definitely helpful in maintaining your health and saving you from embarrassing situations. Luckily, here are some tips that I would like to share with you based on my personal experiences.



Image by  Paul Green

Image by Paul Green

What are the Signs?

Now, before you go on a trip, it's good to know some of the terms and images that are associated with "toilets". Some called it the washrooms, restrooms, powder rooms... Most of the time, the majority of the places would just use the male and female signs. In Europe, the common term or signage used is the WC. Hence, it's highly recommended to know how to pronounce "toilet" in various languages or maybe save a copy of the toilet sign in your phone!


在你去旅行之前,了解一些与“厕所”相关的术语和图像是很好的。有人称它为洗手间,化妆间... ... 大多数时候,許多地方只使用男性和女性的标志。在欧洲,常用的术语或标志是WC。因此,我强烈建议您知道如何用各种语言发音“厕所”,或者在手机中保存厕所标志的副本!

Where to find Public Toilets?


1. Shopping Malls

You can't go wrong with shopping malls! There are toilets available in almost all the malls in the world. However, it's good to note that all malls have different designs. Some malls do not have a washroom at the ground level. There could be quite a distance between the male and female washrooms, sometimes it could be on different levels too. Just look out for the signages.



2. Starbucks

I learnt this tip during my solo trip to New York City. I was shopping around in Times Square, and I could not find a restroom. Hence, I asked a sales lady. She kindly pointed out to me that I could find a toilet at Starbucks. Yes, STARBUCKS! Other than enjoying a good cup of coffee, you could find a washroom there. If not, there would be a washroom located near the coffee shop. I tested this theory, and so far, it has not failed me.



3. Restaurants

Most restaurants, including fast food chains, would have a washroom within their premises. You may want to know that some restaurants only allow their customers to use the restaurant. In Europe, the restaurants' restrooms has an electronic lock on their doors. You would need to purchase food or beverages from the restaurants to request for the password to the washroom. Sometimes, the code is printed on the receipt. Now, you would think that you would be kind and share the code with others, but surprise! The service crew would change the password anytime they want.



4. Hospitals

There was once when I urgently need the washroom, and I was near a hospital. I did visit the hospital to use the restroom. Hence, I am sure you could be sure of this option too.

Finding a hospital in the urban city is easy. Sometimes, you could even spot one in the city area. Yes, you could use the toilets in the hospitals too. I am pretty sure that the bathrooms in the hospitals are clean and comforting to use when nature calls. However, do be mindful. You are encouraged to avoid using the accessible toilet (a.k.a handicap toilet; you are not encouraged to use this term anymore), due to the location that you are in.


曾经有一次我需要上洗手间,我剛好在医院附近。我确实去过医院使用洗手间。因此,我相信你也可以确定这个选项。 在城市寻找医院很容易。我很确定医院的浴室乾淨。 但是,请注意。我们鼓励您避免使用无障碍厕所。

5. Police Station

Likewise, I did go to a washroom in a police station when I was in Taipei. I was walking around the market area and could not find a restroom anyway. My mother suggested that I go to the police station which was next door. At first, I was sceptical. However, much to my surprise, there's a public washroom.

You may want to note that not all police stations allow the public to use their washroom. Hence, this is not a safe bet. Nevertheless, I am sure the kind officers would be happy to point out the nearest restrooms to you.



Image by  Ibrahim Rifath

What if I am at the beach, in the middle of the forest, etc...?

Usually, there would be public restrooms spread out across famous beaches, forests and hiking trails. However, in times of nature calls, I could only wish you good luck. You may have to do it the army style. There are no other ways to relieve yourself.



There's even an app to help you to find a public toilet!

Yes, what a surprise! With the latest technology, there are apps available that would locate the washroom around the area. One example would be Flush - Toilet Finder (iOS/Android). It may seem useful now, but remember this: you would need wifi to use the app. Thus, it always good to check out the surrounding and think on your feet and dash to the nearest washroom.


你可应用程序找到该区域周围的洗手间。一个例子是 Flush - Toilet Finder (iOS/Android)。 希望本指南对所有对此感到疑惑的人都有用!

Hopefully, this guide is useful to all of you who are always wondering about this!


x, Esther

SSEAYP Singapore Contingent Training - Part 1

I was an ambassador for Singapore for the Ship for Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Programme in 2015. In this post, I would be sharing with you about the training that we had to go through. I have previously written on the Best memories of SSEAYP, application process and the first interview. Feel free to read them if you have not.



#throwback to 2015

If I remembered correctly, all of us first met in a meeting room at National Youth Council. It was nice to see to some of the familiar faces. At the same time, it also marked the beginning of our training. There were hardly icebreakers and BAM! We talked about the creation of the various committees. There were Corporate Communication, Sports and Welfare, Cultural, Logistics and Exhibition teams. We have to decide which portfolio to participate in on that day. We have to appoint our treasurers as well. Then, we don't really know one another, so we have to trust one another to make things worked.



Now, this is the real deal! We were told that training would be taking place 4 days a week; 2 weekdays of 3 hours each and 2 full weekends for 2 months. There were hardly any "off days" except a couple of public holidays. All of us were expected to give our 100%. I did not. I tried to slack a little once in a while.

The beginning was not easy. I am not going to fluff the training experience of my batch. I have a Full-Time job then, and I was handling a new portfolio as well. After work, I have to rush for the training. No doubt, I was under a lot of stress. I am getting sick easily then because my body is not used to all these stress. I did think of giving up a few times, but I tried to press on. The reason why I was so motivated to push on was that I really wanted to go to Japan and I would not be getting a refund for the SGD 900.

Frankly speaking, I wasn't the only one who was feeling the pain. There were a few dropouts, as their priorities were in other aspects of life. There's nothing shameful or wrong about it. Those who did not drop out also have a life outside of training. It was the motivation from one another, the responsibility to get things done or individual gains that sort of makes everything happened.

It was tough.

培训时间与2个月,每周4天进行; 2个工作日,各3小时,和周末。除了几个公众假期外,几乎没得休息。真的累倒我们了。



However, we did it. We reaped what we sowed. We enjoyed our time during the programme. The best part is we were a closed knitted family. We went through the tough times together. We did things together. We solved problems. We gossiped. We played. The time spent bought us closer. This relationship is priceless.



Honestly, I am happy that I did not give up. I make a few terrific friends who I regard as my pillars. We know each other so well that it's perfectly fine to just be your true self, without the makeup on.



That's was the training experience that I had. I hope I managed to give you a rough idea of what's the training is like in Singapore. From what I knew about other countries training were that, they had a shorter training period. The participating youths were selected from various city or provinces. It was hard for them to gather. Hence, they have camps instead. If I remembered correctly, some countries had 2 weeks of intensive training. I have no idea which is the lesser of the 2 evils; having the training spread out for an extended period of time or cramped everything together.

I hope this post was not too heavy. Moreover, this is my personal experience. If you are interested, I will urge you to speak to a few more youths to get a clearer picture. I would defiantly be sharing more about SSEAYP, so stay tuned!



Inaniwa Yosuke @ WISMA

There is a Japanese Steet at Level 4 of Wisma Atria Shopping Centre. This was the first time that I went there, and we went to dine in Inaniwa Yosuke. There was a one for one promotion before 7 pm. Hence, 2 set menus cost $18.90 before taxes. I do not know when would the promotion end. Regardless, there is also a 10% discount for everyone who signs up as a member on their app. This is limited to the first time that you used the app. 

Let's now focus on the food. We ordered the Sliced Pork and Curry Rice bowl set menus, and we decided to have 1 hot and cold udon to try as well. The udon is the star. The udon is not your usual thick and chewy type. It's still chewy, but it's thinner than normal. On top of that, there's a wheat aftertaste to it. The hot udon is served in a bowl with a very light broth. The broth is pretty much tasteless to me. It's not something that I enjoyed. The cold udon is so much better than the hot one. You eat the cold udon just like cold soba. Dipped the udon into the sauce and slurped the udon.

这是我第一次去Inaniwa Yosuke用餐。 Inaniwa Yosuke 位于Wisma Atria购物中心4楼。刚好,那晚有一对一的促销活动。2套菜单的费用为18.90新元。促销会何时都能结束哦。餐厅以天妇罗餐厅而闻名。



Now, let's move on to the rice bowl. Let's talked about the curry rice bowl. It's sweet and slightly peppery. They are very generous with the sauce, so much as that every grain of rice was coated with sauce. Honestly, I felt like I was having porridge and maybe because of their generosity, the dish is too rich for my liking. I had to keep drinking tea to wash down the taste.

我们来品尝咖喱饭碗。 它甜而略带辣。 每粒米饭都掺上酱汁。 老实说,我觉得我在吃粥。这道菜太浓厚。 我不得不喝茶啊!

Photo 6-11-18, 9 46 28 PM (2).jpg

As for the sliced pork rice bowl, I decided to not eat the rice as there was too much carbohydrate for a meal. The pork slices were very thin, similar to those that you would use for steamboat or Shabu Shabu. Surprisingly, the pork tasted sweet. I had to add in the grated ginger, but it didn't help to balance the taste. 

至于猪肉片拌饭, 猪肉片非常薄。 猪肉吃起来有点甜。


Overall, I am quite disappointed by all the dishes, but on second thought I am someone who prefers ramen over udon. On top of that, the restaurant is famous for their tempura set. I did not try that as I could not take prawns. Hence, my review may be biased. Nevertheless, if I have to choose 1 dish that I like, it would be the cold udon. That's the most enjoyable dish that I have out of all the dishes, and I would definitely recommend the cold udon only.

Let me know if you have a different opinion about this restaurant. Feel free to comment and share the post. That’s all for now. 


如果您对这家餐厅有不同看法,请告诉我。 随意评论和分享帖子。

Address: 435 Orchard Road #04-45 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 238877

Flying Through NYC

It had always been on my bucket list to take a helicopter. I wondered what it is like to be in one. New York City has a special space in my heart. Hence, during my second time to the big apple in 2017. I made it an absolute must to take a helicopter ride in this magical city.

There are a lot of helicopter tours available in NYC. There are equally expensive. Just Google and there would be plenty of options. It's best to find one that matches your budget.

乘坐直升机一直是我的夢想。 纽约在我心中有一个特殊的位子。 因此,在我第二次去纽约,我绝对必须乘坐直升机。

纽约有很多直升机之旅。 同样昂贵。 最好找到符合自己的预算。

cute smile.gif

My friend and I decided to go with https://heliny.com/tours. It covered most of the attractions, and the ride is about 20 minutes. It cost around 240 USD excluding flight fees. Here are some tips, check out Groupon and Viator for the offers. I remembered booking our tour via Viator. Secondly, make good use of your New York Pass or New York Sightseeing Pass! You can quickly get about a 15% discount when you book the tour with these passes.

When we were in Big Apple, we decided to bring forward the ride by a day because we were around the area. Secondly, the day happened to be very clear, and weather forecast predicted that it's going to rain the next day. Thank goodness we did that. We were fortunate. We managed to change the reservation. We got a clear view from high above. And guessed what, it did rain on the next day. I was really thankful! I can't imagine my disappointment if I went on a rainy day.

However, I did have a slightly sad experience, as I was not given the window seat. Seats are assigned as it's part of the safety procedure. They need to spread out the weight evenly so that the helicopter would not be lopsided. I decided to put my phone away and immerse myself with the experience. The view was spectacular.

That was not the ideal seat as you can't get to take as many photos or videos as you wish. You can't see much at times because your partners on both sides would be blocking the views with their cameras. It sucks, but you could still enjoy the scene and the ride by looking around. Personally, I think that the best seat is the beside the driver. Nothing is blocking your view. You can see everything.

Anyway, if you wish to take the tour during the slight breezy day, fret not! This helicopter ride had the smoothest departure and landing. It was way better than some of the plane flight that I had taken. I am a sensitive person, and I experienced motion sickness easily. However, I do not have an issue with this.

我的朋友和我决定使用 https://heliny.com/tours。它覆盖了大部分景点,车程约20分钟。费用约240美元,這不包括航班费。以下是一些建议,请查看 Groupon 和 Viator 的优惠信息。我记得我們通过 Viator 预订车程。您也可以使用 New York Pass New York Sightseeing Pass 预。您可以获得15%的折扣。

当我们在Big Apple时,我们决定馬上改变了行程,因为天气预报预测第二天会下雨。 我们很幸运。那天很晴朗。我们从高处能看到很美的景色。第二天真的下雨了。謝天喜地。


雖然这不是理想的座位,我无法拍摄照片或视频。有时看不到風景,因为伙伴們都会用相机阻挡景色。 我认为最好的座位是驾驶员旁边。没有什么能阻挡你的視線。 


Here’s a short clip of my trip in New York City in 2017.


That’s all for today!