Hello! I am Esther.

An old couple once told me to see the world while you have the fitness and time. The elders continued to share the stories of their travels and the pros of travelling when young. This advice stood out, “One has the energy and the courage to try new things when young.” I took this advice to heart. Since then, I have travelled to nearing 30 countries over the last 6 years. I represented Singapore as an ambassador for the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme in 2015. I am a traveller at heart.

I once walked across the famous Shibuya Crossing in a unicorn onesie with my friends. It brought smiles to the people around us. Since then, I was known for my love for unicorns.


Other than travelling, my friends and peers remember me for my illustration and design work. I studied and am currently working in marketing. I enjoy creating something out of nothing. I do come out with the crazy ideas for marketing campaigns. I like to doodle and try out new things during my free time too. I started a series of cat drawings under the name Meowmie in March 2016. The creation of Meowmie had bought me wonderful opportunities, such as giving a talk in Apple New York and working on offers that provide commission.

I am thankful for all opportunities and am indeed lucky to have so many opportunities to enjoy doing what I am passionate about.

I am always up to new ideas and projects. Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss more. I am available on Instagram, Youtube and Medium.