Best Memories of SSEAYP

I am here to share about my experience about the Ship for Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP). It is opened to youths, age 18 - 30, from Southeast Asia and Japan. It's similar to an exchange programme, but everyone would stay on the ship, fondly known as Nippon Maru, and cruise over the deep blue ocean. Every year, each of these countries would send around 27 youths. Of course, we get to alight from the ship and visit institutions and homestay.

I was from the 42nd batch, and I represented Singapore. Psst... I joined this programme 3 years ago. SSEAYP was indeed an interesting and fun one to go!

我在这里分享我对东南亚青年船(SSEAYP)的经验。 来自东南亚和日本的青年,年龄18至30岁,都可以参与。 它类似于交换计划,但每个人都会留在船上,被称为Nippon Maru,并在深蓝色的海洋中巡游。 每年,这些国家都会派遣大约27名年轻人。 当然,我们从船上下车,并访问机构和寄宿家庭。

我来这第42批。在2015年,我代表新加坡参与了这个活动。 SSEAYP确实是一个有趣的活动!

Why did I join this programme?

The number 1 reason why I joined SSEAYP was due to JAPAN! I had always wanted to visit Japan but never had the chance. The total cost of travelling to Japan can be quite hefty. Hence, when I knew that I only need to pay SGD900, and I get to visit Japan and other SEA countries. I am sold! It’s a perfect deal! Secondly, I needed a break. Everything fell into place nicely. Hence, I decided to submit in my application.


我加入 SSEAYP 的第一个原因是 - 日本! 我从来没有机会去日本,因为前往日本的总费用非常高。 我也想休息一下。 因此,当我知道我只需要支付 SGD 900; 能到日本和其他国家旅行, 我决定在报名这个计划!

SSEAYP - 最美好的回忆


直到今天,我最美好的回忆之一就是创造和营销。 因为我来自企业传播团队,所以我有机会概念化和设计一些营销计划。 从这次经历中,我意识到了自己的能力。


Being in the middle of nowhere

One of the great things about this programme is that it's hosted on a ship. Hence, maybe 60% of the time, you would wake up in the middle of nowhere. Every other day, you get to listen to the sound of the wave, enjoy the sea breeze, sunrise, sunset and all the beauty that nature could draw. I managed to catch the milky way too on one of the nights. It’s also a great chance to imagine yourself as the lead in “Eat Pray Love”.


该计划的一大优点是它托管在一艘船上。 因此,有60%的时间,你都会在不知名的地方清醒。 每一天,你就可以听到海浪的声音,欣赏海风,日出,日落。。。。。。 我也看到了银河系。 这也是想象自己是 《美食、祈祷和恋爱》 的女主角的好时机。

Making new friends from different countries 

The best part of the programme is that you would get to make new friends. No doubt you would have fun with another. Some of the people who you met on board may turn out to be a friend for life.


该计划的最佳部分是你可以结交新朋友。 你在船上遇到的一些人可能会成为终生的朋友。

These were some of my best memories in SSEAYP and in life. Everyone would earn different experiences. I would love to hear from you what’s your best memories in life. Feel free to write to me or comment in the link below.

I would be sharing more about SSEAYP so stay tuned!

这都是我在SSEAYP和生活中最美好的回忆。 每个人都会获得不同的经历。 我很想听听你生命中最美好的回忆。 请随时给我写信或在下面的链接中发表评论。


x, Esther