3 Days 3 Nights in Khao Yai - Day 1 Part 2/2

I had previously written about how to go to Khao Yai and PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. Feel free to read into those if you did not have the chance to do so! 🙂

Now, let's us continue on with the tour! For the second stop, we went to the Yellow Submarine!


Stop 2 - Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank

Are you thinking about a yellow submarine? Initially, my mum thought that we were going to see a yellow submarine, but she was so wrong! Yellow Submarine is a cafe situated in Khao Yai! The cafe was surrounded with greens, and the cafe adopts a rustic style in the interior. It has a lovely contrast; it like a fusion between nature and the modern world. It's a perfect spot to take your OOTDs! We did see a lady taking her photos from the main entrance and various corners of the cafe.

Of course, one has to order a yummy toast in a cafe in Thailand! I ordered the Black Honey Toast and Iced Thai Tea with Hokkaido Milk. My family is not a fan of dessert, so that's all we ordered.

Thai Ice Tea with Hokkaido Milk

Thai Ice Tea with Hokkaido Milk

First, let's talked about the Iced Thai Tea with Hokkaido Milk. This has to be one of the best Thai Tea I had during the trip. It was not too sweet for my liking! Iced Thai Tea usually is very sweet because condensed milk is added. Instead of using condensed milk, Hokkaido Milk was used. The tea blended well with the milk. The overall taste was not too sweet, and it was still smooth. Moreover, the server presented the tea and the milk separately; thus you could customise your own drink! I added in the entire bottle of the milk, and it did not overpower the fragrance of the tea.

Black Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice-cream!

Black Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice-cream!

Next, the Black Honey Toast! The toast was actually charcoal bread. It was toasted to perfection. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It was still hot, so the vanilla ice-cream and the warm toasted went very well together. Even without the ice-cream, the toast went well with and without the honey. Personally, I like this. It's a tasty dessert. It wasn't too sweet or buttery like the toasts by After You.

I am missing these 2 dishes while writing about them. Damn... someone brings me back here!

Look at it smiled for the camera!

Look at it smiled for the camera!

Anyway, there is an adorable dog in this cafe. When we reached the cafe, the dog came out and peeped at us at the entrance. Then, it went back to rest in the restaurant. When we were returning back to our car, he walked us out. He even decided to join in to take a photo with me. The dog was like a friendly service crew too!

Stop 3 – Phuwanalee Resort

Then, we went to check in to our resort at Phuwanalee Resort. I would leave the review of this hotel for the next post. So, stay tuned!


Stop 4 - Krua Khao Yai Restaurant

After a short break at our hotel, we decided to go for dinner. As we are feeling slightly tired, we decided to go somewhere nearby for dinner. We went to Krua Khao Yai Restaurant, and the first thing we did was to order one coconut for each of us. There was a promotion that day. We bought 4 coconuts and got 1 free. We ordered a scrambled egg, fried fish, broccoli, shrimp cake and more. I didn’t eat much as I don’t usually eat dinner. However, I would say that the dinner was pretty average. It was not bad, but it wasn’t great as well.

5 coconuts for 4 people! Well… I took 2.

5 coconuts for 4 people! Well… I took 2.

This dish was pretty good! I can have this all for myself.

This dish was pretty good! I can have this all for myself.

After dinner, we went back to the resort to chill. That’s the end of day 1 in Khao Night! It’s a pretty short day.

x, Esther

Inaniwa Yosuke @ WISMA

There is a Japanese Steet at Level 4 of Wisma Atria Shopping Centre. This was the first time that I went there, and we went to dine in Inaniwa Yosuke. There was a one for one promotion before 7 pm. Hence, 2 set menus cost $18.90 before taxes. I do not know when would the promotion end. Regardless, there is also a 10% discount for everyone who signs up as a member on their app. This is limited to the first time that you used the app. 

Let's now focus on the food. We ordered the Sliced Pork and Curry Rice bowl set menus, and we decided to have 1 hot and cold udon to try as well. The udon is the star. The udon is not your usual thick and chewy type. It's still chewy, but it's thinner than normal. On top of that, there's a wheat aftertaste to it. The hot udon is served in a bowl with a very light broth. The broth is pretty much tasteless to me. It's not something that I enjoyed. The cold udon is so much better than the hot one. You eat the cold udon just like cold soba. Dipped the udon into the sauce and slurped the udon.

这是我第一次去Inaniwa Yosuke用餐。 Inaniwa Yosuke 位于Wisma Atria购物中心4楼。刚好,那晚有一对一的促销活动。2套菜单的费用为18.90新元。促销会何时都能结束哦。餐厅以天妇罗餐厅而闻名。



Now, let's move on to the rice bowl. Let's talked about the curry rice bowl. It's sweet and slightly peppery. They are very generous with the sauce, so much as that every grain of rice was coated with sauce. Honestly, I felt like I was having porridge and maybe because of their generosity, the dish is too rich for my liking. I had to keep drinking tea to wash down the taste.

我们来品尝咖喱饭碗。 它甜而略带辣。 每粒米饭都掺上酱汁。 老实说,我觉得我在吃粥。这道菜太浓厚。 我不得不喝茶啊!

Photo 6-11-18, 9 46 28 PM (2).jpg

As for the sliced pork rice bowl, I decided to not eat the rice as there was too much carbohydrate for a meal. The pork slices were very thin, similar to those that you would use for steamboat or Shabu Shabu. Surprisingly, the pork tasted sweet. I had to add in the grated ginger, but it didn't help to balance the taste. 

至于猪肉片拌饭, 猪肉片非常薄。 猪肉吃起来有点甜。


Overall, I am quite disappointed by all the dishes, but on second thought I am someone who prefers ramen over udon. On top of that, the restaurant is famous for their tempura set. I did not try that as I could not take prawns. Hence, my review may be biased. Nevertheless, if I have to choose 1 dish that I like, it would be the cold udon. That's the most enjoyable dish that I have out of all the dishes, and I would definitely recommend the cold udon only.

Let me know if you have a different opinion about this restaurant. Feel free to comment and share the post. That’s all for now. 


如果您对这家餐厅有不同看法,请告诉我。 随意评论和分享帖子。

Address: 435 Orchard Road #04-45 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 238877

Man Man Unagi Japanese Restaurant @ DUO

I always wanted to give this restaurant a try because there is a queue outside it even on regular days. When Brenda asked me out for my birthday, I decided that this is the perfect chance for me to give Man Man a chance. (Thank you Brenda!) Honestly, I was pretty excited.

我一直想参观这家餐馆,因为即使在常规日子也有人排队。当Brenda约我庆祝生日时,我觉得这是一个很好的机会。 (谢谢 Brenda!)


On the day that I visited the restaurant, there was no queue. The queue started to form during dinner time. Brenda and I arrived maybe 15 minutes earlier than the dinner crowd. I am happy not to queue. Both of us ordered the unagi and salmon belly rice bowl. Personally, I prefer a mix of meat.

On top of that, this is one of the cheaper options on the menu. The speciality of this restaurant is the Unagi. Hence, the price point of the food here is slightly steep. Moreover, I observed that the restaurant at DUO is somewhat small, I think this may be one of the reasons that contribute to the queue.




The uniqueness of the dining experience is that you could enjoy your meal in 3 different ways. Ask the service crew for help if it's your first time dining there. They would suggest that you divide the bowl into quarters so that you could try the 3 different styles and have 1 more portion of your favourite choice.

First, you can try the original version; meaning you could have the rice bowl as it's served to you. I could taste the salmon and unagi, but there's nothing impressive about it. Personally, this option was pretty bland.




Next, I added in the garnishes and shredded seaweed. This option was better, as the garnishes added an extra crunch and fragrance. I like this.



For the third part, I added in the broth, which was yummier than the soup. Overall, it looked and tasted like porridge. I would recommend this on days that you feel sick and want something tasty.



It's apparent that I preferred the second method. However, I don't find anything special about the food here. The unagi, which is the star of the dish, tasted pretty average. I don't see the hype. I doubt I would crave for this. Nevertheless, there are some rumours that the branch in Chinatown served better food. Hence, if you wish to try Man Man Unagi, I would encourage you to go to the one in Chinatown.

Comment below and let me know if you have tried this before. Feel free to share the post.

我喜欢第二种配搭。但是,这里的食物没什么特别的。鳗鱼是这间餐厅的明星,但味道相当平均。然而,有传言称唐人街的分店提供更好的食物。因此,如果你想尝试Man Man Unagi,我会鼓励你去唐人街。


x, Esther

Address: 7 Fraser St, #01-48 DUO Galleria Singapore, Singapore 189358