Welcome to my bucket list. It’s a work in progress, continuously being updated and altered. It’s pretty much like life - things change. I love to try out new ideas and challenges. I do hope to complete everything, if not at least most of the items on the list. I hope that with this list, it would inspire you to create your own listing. Explore and try out new things!


Travel Experiences

  • Visit London

  • Visit Russia

  • Visit Greenland

  • Visit Bhutan

  • Ride a helicopter ride

  • Ride on a hot air balloon 

  • Take a submarine 

  • Take a zip line across an island

  • Go on a beach holiday 

  • Climb a mountain 

  • Catch the milky way

  • Catch the aurora 

  • Catch Magic Mike

  • Catch Phantom of the Opera at the Her Majesty's Theatre London

  • Fly first class for one of my travels 

Personal Development

  • Try Pole dancing 

  • Try Ariel Silk

  • Try Boxing 

  • Try Muay Thai 

  • Try Archery


  • Own my own space

  • Create a series of my own toys

  • Open a Toy Shop

  • Own a business


  • Play Dress Up

  • Meet Johnny Depp in real life